knit/lab/eBook/stacked stitches vol. 1

knit/lab Stacked Stitches volume 1


A collection of six adventurous knitting patterns featuring stacked decreases and increases.

The technique is used in industrial machine knitting to create dramatic chevrons and distortions in knitted fabric, notably by Missoni in Italy. American designer Xandy Peters introduced the technique to hand knitting. I have developed a variation on the stacked decrease method, using stacks of centered double decreases.


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A tropically colored, richly textured scarf or shawl pattern, with lace stitches and stranded knitting enlivened by stacked increases and decreases







Jasper Lace

A dynamic lace shawl inspired by natural forms and patterns - the fascinating folds, and

mesmerizing undulations and repetitions found in rocks and clouds, waves and flowers







A bright and airy modern lace pattern inspired by the dazzle of tropical flowers









An intriguing lace shawl with hints of chinoiserie in its fluid wavy zigzag curves









Colorful inventive lace knitting inspired by exotic tropical blooms in botanical gardens








The Great Shawl of China

A large, reversible shawl inspired by the opulent colors and rich patterns of Chinese textiles, costumes and decorative arts








The eBook offers a 48% discount over the full price of the individual patterns.




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