knit/lab/the Great Shawl of China

A large, reversible shawl inspired by the opulent colors and rich patterns of Chinese films, textiles, costumes and decorative arts.

The knitting involves a variety of techniques, including lace stitches, stranding, reverse stranding and stacked decreases.


Some of the unusual colorwork motifs are formed by shifting between stranding and reverse stranding within the row. The twelve colorwork charts can be worked in any order, and the frequent color changes make for an absorbing knitting experience, resulting in your own unique shawl.


The sample shawl is quite large, using up two dibadu yarn sets, however the pattern can be knit with a variety of yarns or leftovers of different colors, and the length and width are easily customizable.


Knit on 3.25mm/US3 needles with two Fifties Gradient Sets from dibadu.

Each of the two sets contains eight 50g/200yd/183m skeins, making a total of 16 colors, 2,926m/3,200yds

Finished dimensions: approximately 56cm/22ins by 228cm/89ins


With thanks to Barbara of dibadu for dyeing the yarn and knitting the shawl!


The pdf contains charts, with notes on the charts and knitting techniques.

English and German versions of the pdf are available.


The Great Shawl of China is also available as part of the knit/lab Stacked Stitches volume 1 eBook.




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