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knit/lab Originals volume 1


Six unique and original patterns featuring a range of techniques including lace knitting, knitting with dropped stitches, stranded colorwork, beaded knitting and short rows.


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Camino Bubbles

An innovative lace pattern featuring a large circular motif in drop stitch mesh, perfect for variegated yarns and easily customisable in width and length. The pattern has also has been knit in more subtle colorways and in plain colors placing more emphasis on the contrast in gauge.








First inspired by the glossy darkness of Blackbirds, this lace weight triangle has been knit in a wide range of colors and in different yarn weights.







Tigerlily Brocade

A sensuous floral pattern inspired by the warm dappled colorings of tiger lily petals. Yarns with long color shifts work well with this pattern; the random interplay of gradually changing colors mimics the subtle interplay of gradations in the natural world.





Harry Clarke

On a visit to a local bead store I was reminded of the stained glass of Irish artist Harry Clarke.

Clusters of colored beads catch the light in a setting of simple lace knitting.






Mughal Shawl

A dazzling light-weight shawl inspired by the opulent textiles and decorative details depicted in miniature paintings from Mughal India.







Bloomsbury Crescent

A stylish bohemian crescent in vibrant colors inspired by the arts and crafts of the early 20th century. Short rows create a dynamic asymmetry in bands of stranded knitting and intarsia.



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