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On a visit to a local bead store I was reminded of the stained glass of Irish artist Harry Clarke.


The sample was knit on 4mm/US6 needles with 3 balls of Ístex Loðband Einband Icelandic laceweight yarn,

col 0845 light blue, approximately 730yds/665m.


Finished dimensions after blocking: 22.5in/57cm x 56in/142cm. Weight: 352g/12.5oz.


The chart is compact and is in black and white.

The placement of the beads is indicated on the chart, but the arrangement of colors is not specified.


Bead quantities:

2,066 size 6 clear crystal beads are placed on the edges and on the waving lines of double decreases;

1,765 size 6 colored glass beads are arranged randomly in blocks of 12 with a contrasting color in the center

An approximate breakdown of the 1765 colored beads:

440 blues, 330 turquoise, 220 metallic blue/purple/dark green mix, 110 green, 110 lime green, 115 gold, 220 red 220 amethyst pink - feel free to experiment with colors, color combinations and different arrangements!


The pdf also includes suggestions for using fewer beads.


The beads were added with a 1mm crochet hook.

Some are slightly irregular, so it’s good to have a smaller hook on hand just in case.


Harry Clarke is also available as part of the knit/lab Originals volume 1 eBook.




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