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High Seas combines 3 variations of one lace motif to create an asymmetrical pattern of dramatic waves.
The sample shown was knit on 3.5mm/US4 needles using 3.5 balls (800yds/730m) of Rowan Kidsilk Haze 632 Hurricane.
Dimensions of finished shawl: a parallelogram 68in/172cm by 22in/56cm. The short ends flare out to 24in/61cm. High Seas is available in 2 separate formats:
asymmetrical parallelogram shape
The mirrored version with plain WS rows
(pictured right) requires a bit more yarn per repeat than the original, as the chart is 11 stitches wider. The visual difference between the two versions is mainly in the smallest waves (slightly denser in this version)
and the transitions between the smallest waves and
the other waves (slightly less open). Dimensions: a parallelogram,
approx. 70in/180cm by 19.5in/50cm The sample was knit by winterstitch
with approx. 860yds/790m of Wollmeise Lace-Garn
for 8 repeats of the main chart.
photograph above © Alexandra Winter
3 lace scarves


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