knit/lab/sari variations

In addition to the main pattern the pdf includes three Sari variations, designed to use half quantities of the MC.

See below for details of the original yarn used for the swatches.

Total MC is 640yds/584m, main CC is also 640yds/584m, and the intarsia stripe approx. 100 yds/90m


You will see in the captions below that two of the four variations pictured above use extra short lengths of yarn for the small intarsia diamonds. These lengths are a great way of using up small quantities of leftovers!


For width of swatches and other details, see captions below.


These variations are included in the pdf of the main pattern.


Sari is also available as part of the Seven Colorwork Adventures eBook.




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Sari narrow version (above)

Width after blocking: 20in/50cm

There are four options for the stranded diamond pattern, which can be mixed and matched

Sari with zig zag (above)

Width after blocking: 25.5in/56cm

This variation has an option (left)

of adding small intarsia diamonds with short lengths of extra yarn

Sari with center stripe (above)

Width after blocking: 22in/56cm  The small intarsia diamonds require short lengths of extra yarn

For those who are interested, the MC used for the original variation swatches is a combination of two half sets of ColorShift Yarn (unfortunately now discontinued - see help page):

Copper to Burgundy and Copper to Koi, a total of 16 shades - the total MC is 640yds/584m

The main CC is one set of the warm Parade Progression, 8 shades, 640yds/584m

The intarsia stripe/zig zag uses the cool Parade Progression, approximately 100 yds/90m