A colorful pattern inspired by flower petals and perfect for variegated yarns.


The pattern combines stranding and lace knitting - the lace rows prevent curling and create strong distortions and contrasts of density in the stranding.


The sample was knit on 3mm needles with MC Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball sock yarn Charisma 2082 and CC Lang Jawoll Magic Dégradé Superwash shade 59.

The pattern works well with a rich dark MC and a bright CC.

Dimensions of swatch: 16in/40cm long x 12.5in/32cm, flaring out to 14in/36cm at the ends.

The sample uses less than one third of each ball of yarn; using a full ball of each will give a length of approximately 50in/125cm.


Skills required: back and forth stranding, trapping of CC yarn at beginning of rows, simple lace work.


This is a charted pattern with short written instructions.




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