This is a free pattern!


Seascape is a featherweight wrap with sinuous lines

of shifting yarn overs, like ocean waves and strings of pearls.


Seascape was first published as a charted pattern in Knitty Summer 2008.


A written pattern of the 2008 version is also available

and can be downloaded here.


May 2015: a new simplified, "one page" version of the pattern is now available here - the motifs have been modified to fit on one chart and one page of written instructions.


You can also view Seascape on Ravelry and download the 2008 written pattern and the 2015

"one page" version to your Ravelry library.

The 2008 charted pattern continues to be available from Knitty.

model: Helen Carroll


All photos above show the 2008 version.  The image below is a two repeat swatch of the 2015 "one page" version.