knit/lab/scarlet starlet

A dramatic beaded shawl in red and gold. The shape is a shallow crescent knit top down, starting from a single stitch. The finished version of this pattern is a synthesis of the three versions pictured here - it has the radiating beaded upper section, the shallow diamond border, and an additional row of eyelets between the diamonds and the outer border.


The samples were knit on 4mm/US6 needles with approximately 500m/550yds of Hedgehog Fibres lace weight yarn.

Finished dimensions after blocking and unpinning: 47in wide and 16in deep at center back.

545 size 8 gold glass beads are required. 388 beads are added to the body of the crescent while working charts A and B. 157 beads are added during the final row of Chart D.


The pattern has four charts with short written instructions & notes, and two additional charts for a modified version with a deeper crescent shape and more beads.




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