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A small shawl combining intarsia, lace and stranding.

I’ve called it Four Corners as it blends influences from different parts of the world. The wool is from the Shetland Islands, the flower motif is from Sheila McGregor’s book, Traditional Fair Isle Knitting, the changing background color reminds me of Central Asian carpets, the multicolored flowers remind me of Turkish textiles and kilims, and it also has a vaguely South American look. And, although it was designed as a triangle, it has four corners.


I made a few changes to the pattern after knitting the sample - the central columns of yarnovers have been replaced by M1 increases, the outer edges of the stranded rows have been improved, and the lace pattern has been altered very slightly to improve it.


The sample shawl was knit on 2.75mm/US2 needles with Jamieson & Smith 2ply Jumper Weight yarn.

Dimensions: 120x66cm/47x26ins.

Yarn requirements:

1 ball 118m/129yds of first MC FC37 (blue) and 3 balls 354m/387yds of the second MC 366 (purplish grey)

1 ball of each of the following for the flowers, stranding and stripes:

FC50 (light pink), 203 (light grey), FC22 (bright pink), 93 (red), 3mix (sand), 202 (natural), 02 (oatmeal)

1280 (light green), 14 (blue), 121(yellow), 125 (rust), 75 (turquoise)

And 1 ball FC64 (brown) for the outer garter st. border.

If working from stash you’ll need approx. 500m/540yds of MC color(s),

30 x 3m/3.33yd lengths of different colors for the flowers,

approx. 70m/80yds of CC for the stranding,

approx. 25m/30yds of 3 shades for the narrow stripes,

& approx. 100m/110yds for the outer border.


The pdf includes 5 charts and instructions.

The size can easily be increased by adding one or more repeats of the intarsia flowers (see image below).




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This is a digitally created image showing the shawl as it would look with an extra row of flowers