knit/lab Originals


A rich collection of six distinctive and original patterns featuring a variety of knitting techniques

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Camino Bubbles

A very modern lace pattern with large circular motifs in drop stitch mesh; originally designed for colorful yarns it also creates a subtle minimalist texture in more muted colors








A graphic lace triangle inspired by the glossy darkness of Blackbirds








Tigerlily Brocade

A beautifully sensuous floral pattern inspired by the warm dappled colorings of tiger lily petals, and perfect for variegated yarns







Harry Clarke

Rich clusters of colored beads add dramatic sparkle to a lace stole









Mughal Shawl

A luxurious rectangular shawl inspired by the opulent textiles and decorative details of Indian Mughal miniature paintings









Midnight Sun

A light bright crescent featuring traditional Shetland stitch patterns and a scattering of beads








The eBook offers a 48% discount over the full price of the individual patterns.




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