A knit/lab special! A large innovative lace pattern inspired by the rippling surface of the sea. In addition to the original 2013 version (pictured above and below), the pdf includes a new 2016 version with a more decorative border (see bottom of page).


The charts are quite big due to the asymmetric repeat of the wave motif, but the lace stitches are very easy.


The shape of the finished piece is almost a rectangle - the garter stitch short ends are at a slight angle.


The original sample above was knit on 4mm/US6 needles with 75g/315m/350yds of Zauberball Sock yarn, Schokocreme/Crème of Chocolat 1993 colorway.


Dimensions: approximately 21in/53.5cm square - allow 2.5 - 3 balls for a full project.


The pdf also includes instructions for a narrower version, approximately 16.5in/42cm wide,

requiring approximately 2 balls of yarn for a full project.


Charted patterns with large charts and short written instructions.


MagicWaves is also available as part of the

knit/lab Waves eBook volume 2.




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2016 version with sawtooth lace edges

Knit on 3.25mm/US3 needles with 1168m/1280yds of ColorShift Earth to Sky color bridge

Dimensions: approximately 23in/58.5cm x 80in/200cm


Thanks to Gail Sheppard for knitting the sample shawl!